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My work focuses on new media and installations based on light, sound and interactivity. I am interested in how technology affects our relationship to the world, and therefore I use it to give it a new purpose. Through immersive and interactive elements I try to provide a way to allow us to see and understand even elusive concepts. I enjoy documenting the process and exploring dead ends that lead nowhere.

“Pouličník” is a short animated movie about rabbit. He is alone in the town and nobody talks to him. So he just keep walking through city streets and nature as well. Rabbit is looking in mirrors, looking for a friend without success.

Rabbit walks until the nature takes him back by huge wave of water. It takes him to the strange place where is nothing, just puddle and rabbit’s reflection. For a while he is watching himself in the puddle then he rises his hand up. Reflection does not answer. Rabbit is sad and he lowers his head. Then the reflection answers with raising its hand up.

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author – Antonín Kindl


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