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My work focuses on new media and installations based on light, sound and interactivity. I am interested in how technology affects our relationship to the world, and therefore I use it to give it a new purpose. Through immersive and interactive elements I try to provide a way to allow us to see and understand even elusive concepts. I enjoy documenting the process and exploring dead ends that lead nowhere.


concept – Kryštof Doležal, Antonín Kindl, David Štěpánek
stage design – Kryštof Doležal, Robin Klose
visuals – Antonín Kindl, David Štěpánek
code – Antonín Kindl
photography – Robin Klose, @duongthomas , @verxnikav

Explicit event


Explicit is a musical event based in Brno’s club “ArtBar Druhý Pád”, for which we created colorful audio-reactive visuals, that were controlled by us live through the whole night. Together with Explicit’s stage designer Kryštof Doležal, we consulted the whole visual identity of the night.

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We decided to go with two projectors mounted onto the ceiling, passing projections on the walls of the club. Our idea was to use two mirror walls standing opposite of each other, which would then reflect all the projections into the crowd dancing between them. The DJ stand was placed right in front of one of the mirror walls, so that the projections were projected right behind the DJ and then bounced into the crowd, making everyone part of the visuals.


The music of Explicit is very...well, explicit. That means the visuals had to be too. During the night you could see a variety of animations mainly consisting of geometric shapes. Thanks to using more than 15 generative patches, our code was always able to draw a unique projection. We combined the technique of automatically analysing audio signals, to control graphics and manually adjusting individual parameters like scale, rotation, position, etc. Also, by performing live as VJs (VJing – google it), we made the visuals more authentic and complex.


Next to the stage projections we also created an interactive projection in the VIP bar. The idea was to create a digital mirror by projecting people's reflection on the wall. We used the kinect camera to record their depth map, and through code generate their silhouette reflections drawn out of particles on the wall.

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