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My work focuses on new media and installations based on light, sound and interactivity. I am interested in how technology affects our relationship to the world, and therefore I use it to give it a new purpose. Through immersive and interactive elements I try to provide a way to allow us to see and understand even elusive concepts. I enjoy documenting the process and exploring dead ends that lead nowhere.



van Nó


A collection of posters with artistic designs of Continental Barum tires. The posters were presented in the form of an exhibition in Otrokovice at the headquarters of Continental Barum. The inspiration for the tread pattern is the classic Japanese drama No in connection with the art of Asian calligraphy.

Expressive and very attractive theatrical masks capturing human emotions and passions can be used in the design. The mentioned elements were transferred to the tread pattern of the tire in an effort to create an emotionally strong and visually interesting look.


author – Antonín Kindl

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