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My work focuses on new media and installations based on light, sound and interactivity. I am interested in how technology affects our relationship to the world, and therefore I use it to give it a new purpose. Through immersive and interactive elements I try to provide a way to allow us to see and understand even elusive concepts. I enjoy documenting the process and exploring dead ends that lead nowhere.



Cyklus Svetla

Generative Projection


The panoramic projection Cycle of Light is part of the collective exhibition Light Cube at the Ľudovít Fulla Gallery. The width of the projection in the main hall reaches 60 m. Using generative compositions, it tells a story about light and the effect it has on us.

It all begins with a peaceful yet celebratory sunrise. The pace of the animation picks up as morning approaches to reflect our heightened alertness and reactivity. However, a twist comes in the form of rain, which eclipses the sun and slows the rhythm. The arrival of the rain also becomes a reflection of the problems that the gallery is facing due to flooding. In the end, the rain recedes and the animation ends with a feeling of tiredness and sleep, completing the cycle.


Concept, Visuals — Antonín Kindl
Compositing — Antonín Kindl, Prokop Findeis
Sound — Leonard Lofaj

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