Light Kinetic Installation


Human, trapped in the flow of time, experiences only one moment at once. However, the synthesis of moments creates a time continuum, which the installation tries to convey. Human's natural desire to defy time and leave traces becomes the theme of the interactive light installation, which is shaped by the viewer's own movement.

The installation was created specifically for the occasion of the festival Nastevřeno in the Moving Station building in Pilsen. The light object consists of 12 light tubes anchored in an aluminium hoop. The primary means of interaction is the movement of the viewer, thanks to which the LED lights in the tubes are addressed. A person leaves a trail of light by walking, which gradually disappears.


Author — Antonín Kindl


Big thanks :
Installation help — David Štěpánek & Prokop Findeis
Curation — Jana Jarošová
Organization — Anna Březinová
Photos — Alžběta Huclová & David Štěpánek
Installation in — Moving Station


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