Radovan Voda

Founder & CEO


Head of Production
Camera Operator
Editor & Grader
VFX Artist


mail — radovan@32b.cz
Linkedin — Radovan Voda

Instagram — @tenradovan


I work as a chief executive officer, director and videomaker. I use my background in management, but also tap into the passion of creating powerful visuals to reach an audience whose life can be made more vibrant by it.

My experience as a director and videomaker ranges from commercial work including product videos, services and social media content all the way to music videos or event documentation. Filming all over Europe, I have the expertise to make your project a success.

I think differently, I create new worlds and I am naturally convinced that I can come up with something that works for you.



HotBee — Product Commercial


Chilli and Honey. The combination sounds simple, but the reality is shocking. Shockingly good. We joined Hot Bee to create a powerful American style commercial portraying the true nature of their product. We didn't hold back with anything — from using a cinema camera ultra slow-motions, to heavy post-production involving an absurd amount of masking and flames. We tied all of this together with energic typography and custom transitions.


Director — Radovan Voda
DOP — Radovan Voda & Michal Kazík
Edit — Radovan Voda
VFX & Color — Roland Moor
Production manager — Filip Licek
Gaffer — Daniel Kuchař & Robin Klose
Photography — Daniel Kuchař

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