Radovan Voda

Founder & CEO


Head of Production
Camera Operator
Editor & Grader
VFX Artist


mail — radovan@32b.cz
Linkedin — Radovan Voda

Instagram — @tenradovan


I work as a chief executive officer, director and videomaker. I use my background in management, but also tap into the passion of creating powerful visuals to reach an audience whose life can be made more vibrant by it.

My experience as a director and videomaker ranges from commercial work including product videos, services and social media content all the way to music videos or event documentation. Filming all over Europe, I have the expertise to make your project a success.

I think differently, I create new worlds and I am naturally convinced that I can come up with something that works for you.



Marciano – CiaÔLine


Modern take on asian culture, as the singer Marciano is not a shaolin of kung-fu, but instead a shaolin of rap. The video itself slowly graduates from slower scenes with authentic asian environment full of renovated buildings and beautiful nature sceneries to a notion of asia like gang having fun sitting by their own table in a bar and exotic car by the city's harbor.


Director & DOP — Radovan Voda
1st AD — Wjemm Karskens
Prod. Assistant — Polo
Edit & Color Grading — Radovan Voda


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