Michal Kazík

Director / DP


Head of Production
Camera Operator
Editor & Grader
Business Manager


mail — michal@32b.cz
Linkedin — Michal Kazík

Instagram — @panmajky

Facebook — @michal.kazaa

YouTube — Michal Kazík


My main focus is on music videoclips, advertisements and promo videos. I have always stood behind the idea of bringing joy to people through filming movies, and it’s the kind of work i wish to do forever.

My strongest weapon is communication with clients and business in general.



Filip Sajler — Perfect Canteen


To bring the customers a first-hand experience, Filip Sajler and his team from Perfect Canteen hold this unique event. The guests had a chance to learn about the ingredients and the supply chain and make a dish on their own with the guidance of the master chef, Filip Sajler, himself. Such an event shouldn't fall into oblivion, therefore we've documented the evening and released a video presenting it.


1st DP — Michal Kazík
2nd DP — Radovan Voda
Edit — Michal Kazík a Radovan Voda


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