Michal Kazík

Director / DP


Head of Production
Camera Operator
Editor & Grader
Business Manager


mail — michal@32b.cz
Linkedin — Michal Kazík

Instagram — @panmajky

Facebook — @michal.kazaa

YouTube — Michal Kazík


My main focus is on music videoclips, advertisements and promo videos. I have always stood behind the idea of bringing joy to people through filming movies, and it’s the kind of work i wish to do forever.

My strongest weapon is communication with clients and business in general.



Etterna – Desert Ruins


A short movie in the form of a music video by Slovak band Etterna which premiered on their tour in Moscow. Among the sand dunes of the Šranecké piesky, a tense post-apocalyptic story takes place starring musician Róbert Mikla, as the main protagonist. Two days of filming, one condemned and six gladiators.


Director & DOP — Michal Kazík
2nd DOP — Mateo Ťažký
Edit & Color Grading — Michal Kazík
Starring — Róbert Mikla, Anči, Matej Klimovský, Milan Madlenák, Peter Madlenák, Richard Brada, Tomáš Hronský, Peter Malatin, Dominik Čiesla

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