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CBDWAY offers a wide range of products for which we had to create a stunning but flexible package design as the brand constantly works on more. Product branding consists of extensive stylized illustrations to depict the effects, taste, and origin of the particular product. The core visual is accompanied by Zin Sans & Display typeface with really clean typesetting, and custom iconography helping with depictions of effects and contents all in clean composition to not steal attention from the captivating visuals. The form of the typeface is as serious and slightly playful as is needed in our case.

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We have developed a design system for oil products, thanks to which we are able to handle a large number of different intensities of oils while maintaining a systematic approach. Each type of oil is distinguished by an original illustration, which is further scaled through its specific colour spectrum to the required intensities. The natural paper used for the boxes is enriched with embossed typography and company logo. To further distinguish the outcome, we use rotary screen printing on the bottles, which allows us to print on the glass itself to avoid using generic stickers.


The product design for Gummies consists of two self-adhesive labels. Each type is characterized by an original illustration, which is further scaled into 2 box sizes. The soft-touch finish on paper supports the UV varnish on the typography.


The can design for CBD Flowers uses UV varnish to its maximum potential. Characteristic but simple vivid illustrations are complemented by the use of varnish in the illustration itself to punch it up a notch and turn heads. With the hands-on experience in mind, the paper label has a soft-touch finish.


The soft-touch label accompanies the original illustration, which clearly communicates the effect and purpose of the Roll-Ons. For the smallest product option, we also designed a package made of natural paper and used rotary screen printing on the glass itself.

Steak Bites

CBDWAY also produces dog treats for your loved ones. We used natural paper doypacks and distinct screen-printed illustrations for this product.

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