David Štěpánek

3D Designer / VFX


3D Design
Animation / Motion Graphics
VFX / Compositing
Product / Architectural visualisations


mail — david@32b.cz
Linkedin — David Štěpánek
Instagram — @davste


I work in the world of 3D graphics, VFX, Visual styles and Music videos. The constant urge for more experience in the industry usually brings me into trying out new ways and technologies. Experimenting in a variety of different ways such as projections, animations and illustrations. Always eager for new challenges, I enjoy the process of shaping dreams into final outputs.



CBDWAY is a Czech cannabis company focused on CBD products. Well aware of the positive effects of legal cannabis, they do their best to create products that benefit the health of many. After numerous years of experience, they decided to change their visual representation to better spread their message. With the new visual identity also comes greater effort and emphasis on nature, sustainability, and aspiration to be a true love brand.

Logo Design

The logo design consists of a minimalist and easy-to-remember shape symbolizing growth and evolution. To avoid a direct link to marijuana, we decided to structure the logo with only a slight reference to the cannabis leaf.

Product Design

CBDWAY offers a wide range of products and is constantly working on more. Product branding consists of extensive stylized illustrations to depict the effects, taste, and origin of the particular product. It's accompanied by Zin Sans typeface in really clean typesetting. The form of the typeface is as serious and slightly playful as is needed in our case.


Following the CBDWAY's message, our team developed a visual direction that not only depicts the company as truly authentic and natural, but simultaneously fresh and colorful. A large number of different products have led us to create adaptable color palettes and product differentiation strategies, thanks to which the visual identity is ready to face any new products.


In addition to the product design itself, creating a realistic 3D database of all the products was the next step. We took care of the entire brand communication, along with a complete remake of CBDWAY's existing website. With all the graphical material, product photos, and creative 3D renders, we shaped the new visual identity of the brand. We planned and organized a rebranding launch campaign involving product giveaways, letting the customers know CBDWAY is back in style.

— stylescape, visual direction

— color palette


Project Management / Brand Strategist — Radovan Voda
Creative Director / Head Graphic Designer — Antonín Kindl
Graphic Design — Karolína Stará, Lukáš Karaba
3D Graphics — David Štěpánek
Logo Animation — Prokop Findeis
Product Photography — Daniel Kuchař, David Štěpánek
Copywriting — Radovan Voda, Jiří Sulovský

— CBD Oils Packaging

— CBD Gummies Packaging

— Instagram content

— detailed 3D render of the gummy bears

— Online banner advertising

— 3D render for Instagram contest

— 3D animation breakdown

— campaign teaser images

— current product line


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